Xiaomi To Introduce A New Smartphone By The End Of July

According to a rumor just posted on Weibo, and if this info is believed, Xiaomi  is planning to launch a new smartphone by the end of this month. Additionally, the source states that this upcoming smartphone won’t be released in the Redmi brand, but it is a Mi-branded one. Moreover, the rumor also says that consumers will not be able to guess the phone, which makes things really mysterious.

There are a number of Xiaomi-branded devices leaked, so the upcoming smartphone might be a couple of options here. The first one is Xiaomi ‘Riva’, which is surfaced on Geekbench recently, and that will be one of Xiaomi’s budget smartphone, but we are not ssure if this is a Mi-branded or a Redmi-branded product. The second is Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 in the near future, but according to the source, this case is not possible. The last one is the Jackie Chan Edition of the Xiaomi Mi 6 leaked yesterday. It is a Mi-branded handset, and if it has not been leaked recently, no one could be able to guess what it is.

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So if it is true, the Jackie Chan Edition of the Xiaomi Mi 6 will be the special edition of the Xiaomi Mi 6. Customers will get the actor’s autograph as part of this offer. The box of this smartphone is considerably different than the regular box Mi 6 as well. Although we do not have any info currently, regarding the differences between the regular Mi 6 and the Mi 6 Jackie Chan Edition, these two devices might be completely identical, and you can also expect to get more details on the Mi 6 Jackie Chan Edition. When comparing to specs, these two phones will certainly be completely the same specifications. This mysterious smartphone is expected to launch in the future, so you should stay tuned.

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