Windows 10S to Take on Chrome OS

Although Chrome OS is slow, it’s a steadily popular choice for users who just have a limited budget. Chrome OS machines can afford to pack low storage discs to keep costs in low through storing most data on the cloud. In addition, as being built on the Linux kernel, so Chrome OS can run smoothly on a large number of hardware.

Seeing the benefit of the platform, Microsoft cannot be the outsider. The company has announced a new version of Windows 10, called Windows 10 S to compete more with Chrome OS. Now, applications on Windows 10 S will be directly downloaded from the Windows Store. Windows 10 S can also support desktop apps, but they will need a special package to work. Of course, Microsoft will bring full versions of the apps to the Windows Store soon, and Windows 10S users will be able to take advantage of the powerful collection of software.

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The goal of Microsoft with Windows 10 S platform is to attracting more partners to use this new variant of Windows 10 for their devices. The first two hardware partners, outside are Acer and HP. Both the companies has been releasing school-focused laptops running Windows 10 S for the price at $299. Other devices with the new OS platform will go on sale this summer around $189, so you will have more options to choose an affordable budget device.

Windows 10 S also supports for free to schools currently running Windows 10 Pro PCs and this switch will include free Office 365 package for Education. If users want to upgrade from Windows 10 S to Windows 10 Pro, you will just need to pay for $49 as a one-time fee. It’s good to see if that price is the worth convenience of running all desktop apps normally.

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