Wayfair Releases Visual Search With AI Backend

A new visual search tool has recently launched by Wayfair for their product line. The search tool is powered by a machine learning AI built upon trends from their massive catalog of furniture and home decor. Wayfair can now train up a very specially-made AI for its specific niche with the help of catalog. Now searching Wayfair’s products can easily be done with the visual search tool. Wayfair’s tool can do its job better than most other visual search tools, even including Google’s.

The working method is very simple and intuitive. All you need to do is begin the process is tapping the camera icon to feed Wayfair a picture when you are in the app or on the web. After that, you can select the part of the picture containing the item you want to search for. Wayfair will then carry the image to the AI, which can break it down and show off the various design tropes and attributes available. Testing the image against the wide database can be easily done by AI. After that, it will look for visual factors like color, overall design styles, such as nature-inspired, Art Deco, and more

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Once the AI has decoded the imagery to it and showed out an available list of traits, it will then check a number of those boxes, and present those to you through Wayfair’s catalog. This results will not only hunt down a specific item on Wayfair, but they also allows them to snap a picture of something in their own home and then they will show that item with and help to tie the look together. Items found by using this search can be bought, or sent them to an Idea Board so that they are paired up with other items for a complete set.


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