The Canadian telecom carriers banned from locking phones

Canada has recently done an overall review of the current Wireless Code to define the rules as well as regulation that telecom providers are supporting. This code was first launched in June of 2015 in order to protect the rights of consumers against the big Canadian telecoms. Two years later, they realize that there are a number of things that needed to change, including the unlocking phones for consumer process.


According to the latest announcement, from December 1, 2017, any wireless consumer will have the right to unlock their phones from the carriers without paying any fee. Furthermore, carriers will not be allowed to sell locked devices, and it must be the unlocked phones to the customers. Previously, customers could get their handsets unlocked with the charging up to $50 CAD.

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The Canadian Radio and Telecom Commission (CRTC) has also selected changing the trial period when customers can cancel their contracts. A lot of providers currently allow only 30 minutes for the voice usage and 50 MB of cellular data, which is very small and is used up extremely quickly with the smartphones nowadays. The new code also reports that 15 days and 50% of the monthly voice and data usage will be sent to customers before they are not able to cancel these contracts. Moreover, Canadians with disabilities will get the double period, with 30 days and 100% of the monthly usage before they are not able to cancel the contracts for free of charge. In addition, if a customer wants to cancel their contract, the carrier will have to to make the cancellation immediately. To completely cancel contract in the past, customers needed to wait for 30 days.


It’s great to see that the Canadian government is working hard to keep consumer rights, and we also expect a reform like this in the United States.


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