Team Flow’s ‘Run Or Die’ Game  Hits Android Platform

Finally, after a long wait, the Team Flow’s Run or Die game has made its way to Android mobile devices, offering fans and newcomers an opportunity to experience the excitement of the endless game. Previously hitting on Steam for the PC platform, Run or Die comes in form of  an endless runner game which features both retro graphics and visuals with a bit of anime-infused art style that makes it similar to the Nintendo’s SNES Console games. It’s now available in the Play Store and you can grab it for only $0.99.

As we said, Run or Die is a kind of Endless Run game, but you don’t have only a single mode, where you can run forever until you’re beaten by the level due to your own mistakes while dodging the upcoming obstacles. Furthermore, there are also multiple modes for you to play, including the traditional endless mode, the challenge mode, training mode, and daily runs, which will be changed depending on the day you play the same run as other players and get the highest score.

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Although the controls are touch-based, they are tightly optimized for Touch screen so controls will be nice and smooth as you play. There are 170 maps in total, which can keep you busy here for the play. There is also a range of heroes for you to choose but you don’t have the permission to access to all of them from the beginning. You’ll have a collection of different supports to use throughout the game in order to help you run further in the game, including a leap, dash, ion, EMP, and a dive. All of them will have their own functions depending on the obstacles on your way. The Run or Die features a day and night randomly, which will immerse the player in the game a little bit, and the audio is also a strong point to remind the player’s nostalgic side of things. If you’re interested in this game, you can go to Google Play Store and download it.

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