Steps to Adjust Gboard’s Keyboard Height to the Highest Level

Gboard is a newer version of Google Keyboard, which is used to be the default keyboard on Android device. The new keyboard now is integrated more features over the old version such as in-built Google search, multiple language support, and the smart suggestions when typing. The new Gboard also comes with the contextual awareness, so it can automatically fix your grammar in case it is incorrect sometimes.

However, no app is perfect. It still lacks some options. Many users say that the keyboard is too small, there is only a little screen space as possible, and they prefer it to be bigger to type more inaccurately. Although there is a “Keyboard height” setting in the preferences, someone finds that the tallest option is not tall enough.

However, we have already discovered some interesting modifiable strings, which can let you modify the keyboard height. One thing you should note that this tutorial requires the root access on your device, as you need to modify a file in the /data partition.

Steps To Adjust Gboard’s Keyboard Height

Step 1

As we mentioned earlier, the root access is required and you also need to install any file explorer like Solid Explorer on your phone. Remember to grant root access to the file explorer.

Step 2

Navigate to the patch.


Hear, you look for the file named It includes various preferences of Gboard, like the two strings, which is necessary for modifying height and sensitivity. Tap on the file and choose to open as a text file.

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Step 3

Now, take advantage of your favorite text editor to edit the strings.

Look for “keyboard_height_ratio”. You will then be taken to a string, which looks like this.

<string name=”keyboard_height_ratio”>1.0</string>

You can now modify the number as the way you like. The larger is the number, the more will the height increase. And the lower number will, of course, decrease it. Once you have done, force close Gboard so that it can apply the new setting.


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