Spotify to Enter The Wearables Market

According to a new job listing showed up on the career page, Spotify might get into the wearables market. Although the listing is no longer seems posted to the career board, Spotify probably has taken it down at this point. However, Spotify still looks for a person to fill the position of Senior Product Manager for Hardware. Now there is no word on entering the wearables market of Spotify, but as for the details of the role in regards to the person would be responsible for, Spotify mentions that the position they are looking for would be working with a team to deliver a product directly from Spotify.

That piece of information suggests that Spotify is nurturing the idea of a wearable, though the idea is unclear. It’s possible that the Spotify is carrying through with this product as a transition from something like the Pebble.

Spotify also says that this product might be similar to the Amazon Echo or the Snap Spectacles, so what we could imagine is a wearable incorporating elements of all of these devices. The wearable of Spotify will be able to take pictures and also have an AI assistant support, or at least have basic functions of a wearable device, when allowing the user to talk to it and initiate or complete a variety of tasks. No matter does the product end up, it will be able to connect to the internet so that users can talk to it. Moreover, as it comes from Spotify, so it will likely be integrated some music-related features as well, even include the Spotify’s music streaming service. Because Spotify seems to be currently looking for someone to take up the manager position left at the company, there’s no information about when they will release their new product.

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