Sony might introduce a bezel-less phone at IFA 2017

It’s IFA is coming up. Following the confirmation, that Sharp will be the first manufacturer to go on sale a truly bezelless device, there is a rumor saying that Sony seems to be preparing a bezel-less phone for an IFA release.

The display-maker JDI, a joint venture comprised of Sony, Toshiba and Hitachi, has recently announced  that the company has been on the stage of the full-on mass production of its Full Active QHD display. That means the tech is now available, and Sony is obviously the first choice to integrate this new screen into the mobile product.

However, to do this, it’ll require two things. First, Sony should need to be fond of bezels, but until now, Sony wants to have a product available to introduce at the IFA event in early September. Sony previously announced that the company would hold a press conference on August 31, one day before IFA officially kicks off.

According to a post on the Weibo, it states that the new Sony device will feature a 6-inch LCD panel with the 18:9 Univisium aspect ratio, which has already appeared on the LG G6. However, we think that Sony could go from being the company renowned for atrophied design and a loyalty of large bezels to one of the first companies not to follow the bezelless trend.

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But if the post on the Weibo becomes true, this new phone will be a big step of Sony to join in the bezelless smartphone market. Even if this smartphone comes out overpriced and six months late in the US, it still means Sony is trying again, and that might be something worth occurring behind. We’ll be keeping the update, so keep visiting link4tech to get more details about this upcoming phone.


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