Samsung Internet Browser Now Supports More Android Devices

When talking about Samsung currently, all of us will think about its pair of Galaxy S8 flagships and the upcoming Galaxy Note 8. However, there is another thing that has quietly gone under the radar. It is Samsung Internet mobile browser, which can now support almost any Android device.


Samsung Internet was exclusively installed on Samsung phones and tablets. At the same time, the beta version of Samsung Internet browser just spread its wings on Google Nexus and Pixel devices in March. In the coming time, the list will included other Android phone.

Samsung Internet has state its position in the web mobile browser segment, as it received over 100 million downloads, likes of Chrome, Opera, and Firefox, which are dominating the mobile browser landscape. Despite the beta version, there is a variety of features on the Samsung Internet browser. First, it comes with a high contrast mode that would help those with impaired vision read more comfortably. The browser also allows you to play with Bluetooth and WebVR, and even sync across multiple devices.

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Finally, the feature that makes the most interest is the ability to quickly access to content blockers. Samsung was serious about content blocking when giving Samsung Internet ad block support, and the company has just doubled down in that area. This latest beta update will continues the trend, as there is a list of extensions built into the settings menu. If you feel interested in installing Samsung’s mobile browser for the experience, the beta update will be available worldwide over the next few days. Those who are currently on the older version will need to wait a little bit longer, as the beta will be updated several times before the its official release.

However, you should make sure your Android device should be up-to -date  as Samsung Internet browser just works on any device running Android 5.0 Lollipop and higher.

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