RED’s First Smartphone Supports for Camera Modules

If you are fond of watching MKBHD and Dave2D, RED is not strange to you, which is the company that makes cameras for the 8K record resolution with the price up to $50,000. RED introduced its first camera in early 2006, and after eleven years, the company has just revealed its first Android smartphone.

The phone comes with the name: RED Hydrogen, and the things are quite interesting. One of the main highlight features is its 5.7-inch screen, and although we are not clear about the exact resolution yet, RED has been marketing it as a professional hydrogen holographic display. Furthermore, the company also claims that the display on the Hydrogen will allow you to view 3D, VR, AR, MR, and holographic RED Hydrogen 4-View (H4V) content without needing any peripherals. While there is no detail on how this setup works, but we are eager to see if RED can pull this off.

Besides the new display and audio tech, RED is also rumored to be making the Hydrogen work with modular components to add extra functionality. RED has announced that future mods on the Hydrogen would let you capture higher quality pictures, videos. But there is no info to confirm whether all future mods is made for camera-centric features.

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Other features of the upcoming smartphone include the ability to use as a monitor and display other RED cameras, a 3.5mm headphone jack, USB Type-C charging port, and a microSD card slot for the expendable storage support. All of them turn the Hydrogen into a genuine project. The company hopes that the RED Hydrogen will rise up the company’s outstanding reputation in actual cameras.

The RED Hydrogen is available for the purchases right now with the aluminum or titanium build for the continuously price at $1195 and $1595. The phone is expected to ship in Q1 of 2018. However, the current purchases are quite a risky as there’s not much info about the device at the moment.

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