Pack Update Hits Samsung Gear S3 Devices

The latest Value Pack update is hitting more Gear S3 devices in the U.S. After being released to a few users in March, the Value Pack update was pushed to an extended amount of devices back in April and started hitting more markets in the future. Although Samsung did not announce which markets would receive the update, users who are in the U.S. are now getting it.

There are a ton of new features and improvements in this Value Pack Update, though most of them are just improvements instead new features. One of them is the ability to add music controls to the watch faces applied to the device. From now, users will be able to pause and play songs more easily just by tapping the buttons on the wrist when they using a supported watch face. The update also adds the BMW Connected app that allows users to control features of the compatible BWM vehicles.

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Back in April, users were able to add dates and times by using S Voice. If you use the watch to set reminders, this will make things more inclusive when you return to those reminders on your connected smartphone. For stopwatch users, Samsung has raised the amount of time with a stopwatch timer because the new update allows setting the stopwatch up to three hours.

In addition, the update includes Gear for Nest for the controller options to help users control their Nest devices. Since the smart home devices are getting more and more popular, it won’t be surprised to see other connected devices for a ton of functions, eliminating the need to interact with them directly. This update also adds support for Facer, which includes a number of new watch face options, as well as New York City transit alerts. If your watch hasn’t received the update or you don’t know if the update has already arrived on your device, the build number should ship with BQD4.

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