OxygenOS 4.5.2 Rolled Out to the OnePlus 5

Those who were lucky to make a flash order in last week, had their OnePlus 5 delivered on Friday. These early orders came from a first serve basis, but only it’s only available after the payment were successful. So more and more people have started to receive their brand new OnePlus 5 smartphone. After turning the phone, they’ll see a new OTA update on the notification bar.

And early this morning, OnePlus officially announced a new OxygenOS update that was being rolled out globally to all of OnePlus 5 devices. This update will come in form of the OxygenOS 4.5.2 version and the majority is focusing on fixing some bugs and improving the stability of the system. OnePlus also said that this new OTA update would fix bugs of an app installation, as well as the failure bug of a system update.

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Due to a system update failure bug happening with OnePlus 5, so those who are owning one will not be able to get the OTA update to fix it. Instead, so you may need to sideload the OTA update with the help of the stock recovery. OnePlus also states that this new OxygenOS update with version 4.5.2 comes with a few optimizations as well. The change log talks about optimizing the camera, but it does not detail about what is focused on optimizing here.


There were also some changes added to improve the stability of Bluetooth, the network connectivity as well as the various system stability. Once again, there were not any details given, so if you got some issues in these features, then this new update could have got rid of them. Finally, it’s said that the OxygenOS 4.5.2 OTA update also resolve some compatibility issues that some people are having troubles with third-party apps.

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