iOS 11 Stops Supporting For 32-Bit Devices And Apps

Apple has officially introduced its latest iOS 11 version to all people. However, it’s a pity when this new iOS version will no longer support 32-bit devices. That means, the iOS 11 version will only work with 64-biit A-series iPhones and iPads. To go along with it, the company also announces that they will stop the support for 32-bit apps from the iOS App Store from iOS 11.

Until the iOS 11 is officially rolled out, developers will no longer be able to upload 32-bit apps to the App Store. Besides, with the existing 32-bit apps currently on the App Store, Apple also encourages developers to upgrade them to 64-bit support. This is not surprised because from the iOS 10.3 version, every time users open a 32-bit app, there will be a pop up saying that it needs to be updated with 64-bit support. With 32-bit no longer support, iOS 11 will be lighter in terms of size and take up less space, which should improve performance on older devices and give more space for 16GB devices. iOS 11 will drop support for 32-bit iPhones and iPads including the iPhone 5, iPhone 5c, iPad 3 and 4. All other 64-bit iOS devices will be able to update iOS 11.

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Moreover, Apple will also stop support for 32-bit instruction on its A-series chipset with the launch of the iPhone 8/8 Plus in September this year. This will allow Apple to free up space on the chipset, which is usually used to offer a bigger GPU for better performance. It also introduces other blocks in order to improve certain performance aspects of the OS.

Therefore, if you are a developer and are having legacy apps on the App Store, you should update them before iOS 11 is launched later this year.

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