How To Restore Apps And Settings To A New Android Phone

Android users can easily sync calendar events, contacts, documents, settings through your Google account, and from Android 5.0 Lollipop version Google allow restoring apps to a new device. For Marshmallow, the feature was upgraded to a new when it includes app data as well as system settings, which are stored in the cloud. Although the Android 7.0 version doesn’t have any big change, Google has focused more on privacy and how to store sensitive information. So in this post, we’ll show you the way to restore your apps and settings when moving to a new Android phone.

Steps to enable the Android backup service

First, you need to make sure the backup service is running on your current phone.

  1. First, launch  Settingsfrom app drawer.
  2. Go to Backup & reset.
  3. Choose Back up my data.
  4. Turn Back up my data to On.
  5. Return to Backup & reset.
  6. Check your Google account. It should be associated in Backup account.
  7. Enable Automatic restore to restore settings and data when installing apps

Now that you’ve successfully enabled the Android backup service, all your settings and data will now be saved to Drive. When switching to a new phone, you can easily restore apps, and data.

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How to restore apps and services on a new Android phone

You can restore apps straightforwardly if your new device is running Lollipop and higher. Here is how you can do it.

  1. Tap on the arrowat the welcome screen.
  2. Then select the System language.
  3. Log in your home Wi-Fi network.
  4. Tap on Accept and Continue.
  5. Now, enter your Google account and sign in
  1. In the Google Services page, select if you choose to enable the backup service for your account.
  2. Next, select your preferences, and tap on Next.
  3. In case you’d like to add another email account, tap on the Add another email section. If not, select Not now and tap Next.
  4. You’ll now see Which device? section that allows you to select the device to restore from.
  5. There will have a list of all your previous devices.
  6. Select a device you want for the restoration.
  7. Tap Restore if you want to restore all apps and settings. If not, hit the arrow next to Restore all
  8. Now, choose apps you want to restore.
  9. Tap Restore to retrieve apps and settings from the cloud.
  10. You can also set up fingerprint security and turn on Google Now.

That’s all, you have now successfully restored the apps and settings on your new Android phone.

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