How To Buy A Samsung Galaxy Note Fan Edition

Earlier this week, Samsung officially introduced the Galaxy Note Fan Edition in its Home country. The Note Fan Edition (also referred to as the Note FE) is the refurbished leftover Note 7 components, with the decrease in the battery capacity so there is not any explosions anymore. The Note Fan Edition looks identical to the ill-fated Note 7, and there is only two different things, including a slightly smaller battery capacity (3,200 mAh over 3,500 mAh) and an addition of the Galaxy S8/S8+’s software such as the new user interface, Bixby assistant, etc.

There are only about 400,000 units of the Note FE going on sale in South Korea, and while the company is still thinking about expanding to other markets later, you can now still purchase the Note FE of South Korea right now. Here are ways to buy a Samsung Galaxy Note FE outside Korea.


Right now, the best way to grab the Galaxy Note FE is via eBay. eBay is a home storing millions of phones, computers and other gadgets, and hundreds of people that have already gotten their hands on the FE edition are willing to sell this new phone.

There is currently a list of the Note FE on eBay, and the price range comes from around $829 and $849. Shipping is usually be free for most/all of the Note FE’s sold, but many of you also want to do fast as quantities are limited.

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Google Shopping

If you are intending to looking to a Note FE, simply enter “Galaxy Note Fan Edition” or, “Galaxy Note FE” into Google Search box and then click the “Shopping” tab. Here you’ll see a list of the phone that have been posted online for selling. Although Google Shopping only shows Note FE’s sold through eBay at present, there will be more sellers adding these searches.

While eBay and Google Shopping are the only two places where you can grab the Galaxy Note FE at this time, we expect that the phone expand to other markets in the coming times.

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