Head of the Google Pixel Division, David Foster, Leaves Google to Go Back to Amazon

We saw Google start to be serious with its smartphone hardware division last year with the release of the duo Pixel and Pixel. Although the company has been releasing its Nexus devices for several years, these devices can only be seen as developer reference models and are not true flagship smartphones. However, with the appearance of the Google Pixel brand, it’s a different story. The Pixel and Pixel XL became some of the best smartphones from 2016 and the company hopes the success will continue this year with the launch of the next Pixel generation.

The focus on hardware is a result of hiring some key employees from Google for the project. Google picked up Rick Osterloh, who left Lenovo/Motorola last year, for managing the hardware division they had just created. Then another interesting hire occurred when Google successfully employed David Foster to run the Pixel phone division. He was in charge of his team for the phone. Mr. Foster has ever worked at Apple in the late 90s, and then he moved to Amazon to work on the Kindle and Kindle Fire tablet line. However, according to a report from Bloomberg, Mr. Foster has left Google to go back to Amazon. At this time, he has not revealed any information on his position at Amazon.

It’s also unclear exactly how big of an impact this has on Google, but this can lead to a change in the quality or the Pixel 2 phones. However, Bloomberg cites also states that Google doesn’t have any intention of finding a person to fill the role Mr. Foster had left at least right now. This might change in the future but for now, Mr. Osterloh is taking his responsibilities for the production of the Pixel 2 phones.

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