Google Play Music All Access is now available in India

Google Play Music is one of the most popular music and podcast streaming services out there. Basically, Google’s music streaming service allows you to upload and listen up to 50,000 songs for free. Besides, Google Play Music also offers a paid service called All Access, which offers access to millions of songs on demand.
Google Play Music now has its footprint in more than 60 countries across the globe and Google never stops expanding the service. Last year, Google finally launched its music streaming service in India. With Google Play Music, Indian users can easily buy songs and download them to their Android devices. Unlike Google Play Music in other markets, Play Music in India doesn’t include support for Google Play Music All Access, however, things are about to change this year.
Google has just launched its highly-anticipated Google Play Music All Access in India. Accordingly, customers can listen to millions of songs at a very affordable cost (Rs. 89 per month). Google Play Music All Access will put Google in contention with Apple Music in the country, which comes with a higher price tag.
Subscribers will be able to get access to Google Play Music’s vast catalogue of songs from popular singers and artists as well as Bollywood artists. Like Google Play Music in other countries, Play Music in India offers a 30 day free trial, allowing you to get a taste of Google’s best music streaming service before spending some cash to enter a monthly subscription.
Google Play Music allows users to listen to tracks from their favorite artists on both their Android device and their PC. Besides, users can download songs for offline listening.
Google Play Music has been Google’s strategic plan to compete with Apple Music in emerging markets. Tech analysts say that Google Play Music is having its upper hand in the Indian market, as Apple Music offers less the same thing with a higher price.
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