Google Maps Beta To Tell You Where Parking Is Free

A Google Maps update in beta version, which will tell you the position for the free parking and where you have to pay fee for parking, is now available for Android devices. The update will push users forward to version 9.51, and the feature is now ready in the beta channel of the app. Although the time before Google officially rolls this feature out to the stable version will not be long, we still don’t know exactly when Google facilitates the update.

The way that the new feature will work is so easy. When you type in a destination in Maps, you just tap on the results page of your destination and there will be a new category displaying whether the upcoming location has customer free parking. This will be helpful for the route you’ll take and the destination you’ll end up as you are now able to decide if you need to park somewhere that’s is free.

If the destination has parking at that specific location or if you have to find parking elsewhere nearby,  the beta version of Maps will now display useful information that help you use the app easier in case you usually use it for finding directions to places you want. Although these are the only two mainly new things within the app, there are other new features, which seem to be coming in the stable update for Android users.

Moreover, Maps will offer suggestion lists of parking lots near a destination you entered into the app. For example, if you search for a place for the dinner, when using this feature, will search for parking lots in the nearby area and then show you a list of results. Finally, Google seems to be setting up Maps to the destinations, where it offer users details on when your route is interrupted by the slow traffic during the trip.

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