Google Launches A New Punishment For Poorly-made apps In Play Store

Although Google has been encouraging developers to create high apps, it hasn’t always been successful. So, Google is preparing a new plan for the apps having poorly stability and power efficiency by decreasing their visibility in the Play Store.

While Apple makes a tight rein for the apps in the App Store, Google’s easier for developers. So the result is that the Play Store attracts more developers and the quality of some of the apps is questionable. Some apps get crashed constantly; some apps freeze randomly; or some of them drain your battery so fast.

Well, the company confirmed its commitment again to improve the Android experience and the device performance at Google I/O this year. That’s why Android vitals appear. Google will focus on security, speed, and stability with Android vitals for both end-users and developers. Developers can now see various metrics on their apps’ stability, as well as the battery usage. Moreover, there are following metrics that Google wants to reduce:

  • App not responding (ANR) percentage
  • Crash rate
  • Frozen frames
  • Slow rendering
  • Stuck wake locks more than an hour
  • Excessive wake-ups more than 10 times an hour

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Using these metrics will help Google to find out which apps rank among the bottom 25%. If you uploaded your app in Play Store and your app is one of them, you will hear from the search giant. The company previously announced in February that an app’s performance would affect its “promotability,” which means Google’s new initiative, apps that were failed to meet certain standards regarding aforementioned metrics ­or fell below the 25 percent threshold would not appear in the Play Store from now on.

There are currently millions of apps available on Google’s Play Store. So it has been facing the increase of fake apps, low quality apps, and malware apps. Therefore, the new program of Google will certainly receive a welcome change.


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