Chromecast’s Media Control Notification To Be Disabled

A back to the past, Google added a new feature to their Chromecast/Google Cast technology that would display a notification with media controls when a Chromecast or Google Home device is played. Although it’s quite convenient for some, the fact that this notification also appeared on their Android device connected to the same local network.

Not only did it broadcast to everyone on the same network that someone was playing on a Chromecast or Google Home device, but it also gave everyone media controls the specific play session. These will great if you are in the house and want to watch or listen to something, but that isn’t always the case as everyone in the house received an annoying notification for something they did not like.

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Those other people who connected their devices to the same local network could simply pause, skip, or return to whatever else was in the playlist. It’s said fairly that this was annoying many people and that is why an update rolled out to remove this notification from popping up. The toggle would be placed in the Settings of the Google app and you needed to disable it on every single device, which was connected to same local network in your house.

Therefore, while that is an ideal solution for some, the others can simply go back and enable the notification again so that they can mess with you. However, Google has listened to user’s feedback and a new entry in the Chromecast Help page showing this feature will absolutely be released soon to disable on a device-by-device basis. So if you don’t want the notifications of your particular Chromecast or Google Home device bother anymore, you’ll soon be able to turn it off. We’ll update more information about this new update in the later posts.

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