Chromebooks Probably Receives some Android O features First

At the Google I/O event last year, the company announced that would make Android apps on Play Store run on Chrome OS and Chromebooks and the support would be ready in the fall of 2016. However, since then, the rollout is very slow. Today, beyond the 2017 Google I/O conference, the company announced an update, which had some surprising news relating to Android O as well.

There are currently six Chrome OS devices of Google that can run Android apps on the stable version of the OS. Kan Liu, the senior director of product management for Chrome OS, claimed that running Android apps in Chrome OS was still in the beta state. In addition, he added that Chrome OS currently was “80 percent” ready for running Android apps for most users. However, there is a question that how long it will get that last 20 percent finished before Android app support comes in the form of the beta label. But there’s no info on when exactly that will occur.

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However, there is one thing that might make Chromebook users happy as every six weeks a stable build of Chrome OS is rolled out. Features that are in development stage for Android smartphones may release on Chromebooks first, because Android has a longer update stage. Liu specifically announced that the Android O app improvements in keyboard shortcuts would start working on apps first on Chromebooks before they hit smartphones.

The upcoming Samsung Chromebook Pro is now ready for pre-order and start selling offline on May 28. It will be the first Chromebook that will be pre-installed a number of Android app features, including window resizing, docking apps, and split-view. Although this news is good, the truth is that Google postpones the plan in 2016 with its Android-Chromebooks plans until now. But we hope to see more progress on this plan the next year.

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