Chrome Beta 60 Brings New Search Widget

Google has recently rolled out the Chrome Beta 60 version for Android platform, which comes with a few minor changes, specifically the appearance of a new search widget that opens up the browser once you tap on it.

Previously, Google actually developed it to become an anti-trust lawsuit settlement in Russia. However, there was a problem when a company named Yandex said that Google violated into local competition rules, so that required Google to develop a suitable widget to change between search engines.

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So the release of Chrome 60 has officially made. With this new update, those annoying malware ads appearing on your screen from time to time won’t be able to make your device vibrate anymore, unless you tap on the page.

This new update also includes a new context menu. It will only appear when you tap and hold on a link or an image in Chrome.  Moreover, it  also adds an icon next to each item on the list to decorate the things look nicer.

By default, the new context menu will be turned off, but you can enable it by toggling on the #enable-custom-context-menu flag.

The last thing worth mentioning is a new file picker, which will display every time you upload a file. Although it’s not a new feature and does not do anything new, it looks a bit different than before. However, you’ll have to turn it on manually if you want to use it by enabling  #enable-new-photo-picker flag as by default it’s turned off.

Those of you who are fond of trying out the latest version of Chrome Beta can download it to your device via the link below.

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