Brings Google Assistant To PC Through AutoVoice Chrome Extension Update

Google is still trying to do many things with its Google Assistant in order to reach the same level as the Alexa of Amazon. Both have their positives and negatives, but we’re seeing a lot of progress are being done by Google with both Google Home and Google Assistant. One of them is that Google recently released the new Google Assistant SDK for developers to start working on it. However, it is still in the preview stage now, so there will not have all features included.

The new Google Assistant SDK will allow you to integrate the Google Assistant into any device you can come up with. Moreover, in the launch of the developer preview, somebody even used it for a DIY robotic Mocktails Mixer in the blog post. There will need a time to see if more third party companies decide to use the platform in their products, but recently one Android developer modified the code and added it into the Google Chrome extension.

As you know the applications from Joao Dias are on multiple occasions when their Tasker plugins offers a lot customization options with the devices. AutoVoice is a very popular one that they develop and add it to the Chrome extension so that you can send voice commands to your phone directly from the browser. Google’s sample Google Assistant SDK code was simply modified and put into the AutoVoice Chrome extension. This will allow you to use Google Assistant right from your PC.

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All you need to do is first setting up Google Assistant on your device and then simply run an additional command in the command line to get the AutoVoice integration. The AutoVoice Chrome extension is integrated an “always listening” feature so when you say “Hey Google,” then you can directly begin talking with Google Assistant.

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