Android  O Allows Apps To Launch Google Assistant

The Android Oreo update comes with hundreds of the new features and we are trying to cover all new changes. And today, there is a new feature of Android8.0 Oreo is its capability to launch Google Assistant directly from within the app that can offer for better interaction between Google Assistant and third-party apps for Android 8.0 Oreo.

Google has been trying hard in an effort to improve the functionality of the company’s virtual assistant for Android platform. Google Assistant is currently considered the best virtual assistant available since it can do the certain tasks smoothly through the user’s voice. Google also does a lot of work in order to bring Google Assistant to the level that Amazon’s Alexa is dominating. Although, there are still some tasks that each can do better than the other, Alexa still has better integration with 3rd-party services.

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However, with the new Android Oreo update, apps can now be able to launch Google Assistant directly from within the app. As normal, we usually launch Google Assistant by a long press of the home button or saying a hotword, and now the third-party applications can now do this from within the app itself. This  new change will allow the app to create a new task in the activity manager so that the Intent.FLAG_ACTIVITY_NEW_TASK is set for you to create it a new task.

This new activity will then appear at a layer on top of other activities, and multi-window won’t make it interrupted at all. There will be no limitation to Google Assistant as well. As Android allows you to specify a default assistant app, so you are able to launch your choice within the third-party applications that support the virtual assistant.

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