All Latest News About Computex 2017 Event In Taiwan

The Computex 2017 has officially kick off with thousands of products from famous manufactures.  So what’s Computex 2017? And are there any attractive things at this year’s event? Let’s find the answer in this post.

What’s Computex?

Computex is one of the biggest computer and technology trade shows in the world since 1981. Being held in Taipei, Taiwan, the event comes with product announcements as well as presentations from famous technology brands. It’s similar to the IFA and CES event.

The trade show is taken place for not only smartphone announcements, but it also offers an overall view at the future of AR, VR, AI and IoT devices. All of them are exciting accessories for your Android phones.

Computex 2017 trade show will open for the public today, May 30, and last until June 3.

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Anything New at Computex 2017?

The Taiwanese manufacturer, ASUS, will attract attendees with the launch of its five new laptops, including the Zenbook 3 Deluxe, Zenbook Pro, Zenbook Flip S, along with the VivoBook S and Vivobook Pro, and all of them are Windows-based machines.

Furthermore, ASUS intends to launch a new smartphone, called ZenFone AR ZS571. The smartphone features a 5.7-inch, with a Snapdragon 821 processor and 8 GB of RAM and the Tango support. The Zenfone AR ZS571 will be launched in Taiwan in mid-June, and in the US in late June or early July.

There are also a number of native tech companies, including Acer, MediaTek, and HTC that will show off new products in this tradeshow, though the latter has excluded an official presence. That means there won’t have any new VR products from HTC, but its Vive headsets will likely be displayed to promote other compatible products.

Many people are also expecting the announcements from AMD, Qualcomm, Intel with the rumored Core i9 chips and NVIDIA with its AI front.

That’s all we have got about the Computex tradeshow this year. However, you should stay tuned to our website for the next few days for more announcements from the show.

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