A New Mysterious Operating System From Google, Named Fuchsia

Several months ago, there were rumors about Google working on a new and mysterious operating system called “Fuchsia”. It is based on the Linux-based kernel usually used in Google’s Android OS, called Magenta. Some developers tried to download and run the Fuchsia OS, but it is just a bunch of command lines as it’s still in the early stage,

According to a recent report, Google has been continuing to work on Fuchsia, and has now built a new user layout for smartphones and tablets. This new UI has the code name Armadillo. From now, if you have the technical savvy, you can download the OS source and the UI via an Android APK file and run it on your Android device.

Once launched, a home screen will show the Fuchsia UI formatted like a vertically scrolling list, including your profile picture, the current date and time, location, and the battery icon at the center. Above your profile is Story cards, which show the recently opened apps. Below the profile is a scrolling list of suggestions for your day. When you leave the screen, a home button at the bottom will be shown up.

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Other interesting features in the Fuchsia UI include the ability to arrange apps on top of each other by holding on one of them. Besides, it also allows two apps to be split vertically or horizontally equally or allows a third app to show an equal split in both directions, or you can even split two in half near a full-height app.

The keyboard UI of the Fuchsia OS is similar to the current Android keyboard, as it has a dark theme. However, you should keep in mind that even if you manage to load this UI, it won’t actually work when launching apps and other features; because all of these elements are just symbols representing term or statement.

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