A 8.5% Decrease Of Worldwide Tablet Shipments In Q1 2017 

According to the data from the International Data Corporation (IDC), the worldwide tablet market had to witness the decrease once again in Q1 2017 up to 8.5%, and the total shipment just gains 36.2 Million units across the entire industry. This figure marks the tenth constant quarter decline of the tablets, and the previous five quarters even recorded the double-digit drops.

Tablets are now divided into two parts: detachable tablets, which features keyboards and resemble laptops, and the other being slate tablets without the keyboard option. Inside the tablet market, detachables is still growing while slates continue to decrease after reaching to the highest point in 2014.

The decline for tablets can blame for the popularity of smartphones, and now, detachables have to face the competitions from the PC market with the growth of ‘convertibles’, laptops that can swivel the keyboard for a better experience in the main touchscreen without needing the removal of the keyboard. How tablets survive will just be answered if detachables can continue the good growth rates over convertibles,  though their shipments are small against them now.

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As for the data, Apple had to suffered its 13th consecutive quarterly decline YoY (-13%) in spite of still being the leader in Q1 2017. Samsung ranked at the position with a 1.1% decrease. Surprisingly, Huawei was the only manufacture in the top five to gain the pretty growth in Q1 2017, with an outstanding 31.7% increase YoY, from 2 Million units shipped in Q1 2016 to 2.7 Million in Q1 2017. When looking at the continuous decline of tablets, it certainly is surprised to see a positive result from Huawei.

Amazon and Lenovo altogether hold their hand in the fourth and fifth places. Amazon’s Kindle Fire tablets had to face the stagnation in terms of total shipments YoY, that led to a 1.8% decline in market share YoY, while Lenovo shipped a lower quantity and lost 3.8% YoY, but its portfolio became wider across convertibles and detachables.

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